New Zealand Wild Beer


IBU: 32.8
ABV: 5.0%
EBC: 9.4

Extra Notes

Brewed on 25-04-2018, Kegged on 18-05-2018. Wild Yeast captured in Meadowbank Auckland.

Entered in the SOBA National Homebrew Competition 2018

The beer was defined as a VERY GOOD beer (30-37 points),
and awarded a BRONZE medal.

The judges Score Sheet + Award Certificate

I captured 3 Wild Yeasts
Bottle 1: Birch branches and plums;
Bottle 2: Birch branches, plums, peaches and rubarb;
Bottle 3: Birch branches, plums, peaches, rubarb, clover, tomato and a little kind of citrus fruit (still unripe)

Taste/Smell Notes:
01-02-2018 Bottle1: Sour, Fruity, Sweet, Musty, Port smell; Bottle2: Fruity and Sour -> Feijoa cider; Bottle3: Raisin, sweeter than 1 and 2. bit Sour, port smell
24-04-2018 1: Sweet Pear, Sweet Peach, Candy, cherry; 2: Paint; 3: Paint;

I deciced to only keep Bottle 1

Geoff Griggs:"I included your beer at one of the monthly(-ish) tasting evenings I hold with Dave Nicholls from Moa and Sean Moss from Renaissance. Your beer was tasted on 31/7/18. Looking back over our notes, they read as follows: Nicely balanced, with a pleasant wheaty creaminess, but evidence of aged hops, autolysis and harsh phenolic notes detract. One judge wrote, "phenolics are verging on nasty". Overall we scored the beer 6/10, which would put it one point below a bronze medal in a competition."

The beer